Rattlesnakes don’t commit suicide. Neither do billionaire pedophile jews with mossad connections. Jeffery Epstein is not dead. He certainly didn’t hang himself by kneeling on the floor! And as for the rumors that the Clintons had Epstein murdered in his cell, Epstein could sooner have them killed.

In this video I dissect the official story. There are only two photographs purporting to show Epstein being taken from jail to the hospital – and one of them is fake. There is no video, none. There were no guards present and Epstein’s cellmate had been inexplicably transferred out. In other words, no witnesses.

The jews who control our media and financial system simply cannot allow this trial. If Epstein had appeared in court to face charges, he’d have brought down the Clintons and Trump. Epstein has been ‘disappeared’ and we’re supposed to think he’s dead…

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