The Non-Investigation of the 2020 Election

No one tuned in to alternative media believes Joe Biden won the election. We’ve all seen the ‘Groper Joe’ memes, videos of ballot boxes appearing late at night, the reports of Dominion voting machines.

Citizen investigators have revealed overwhelming evidence for fraud. (Two excellent reports can be viewed here, and here). Several States and over 50 private lawsuits are challenging the election results in courts across the country.

Meanwhile the Justice Department has not brought a single case to trial, indicted anyone, or even issued any subpoenas. Why was there no Federal investigation of the 2020 election?

Because of this directive issued by Attorney General William Barr On November 9th:

“I authorize you to pursue substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities prior to the certification of elections in your jurisdictions”.

This memo reads like common sense. In fact, it was a sly move to thwart any inquiries.

Investigators were tasked with searching for evidence of fraud before the election results were certified.

Legally, no fraud occurs until after the votes are officially certified.

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution allows “reasonable” searches. Law enforcement must have adequate reason to believe that evidence of a crime will be found. It is impossible to find “substantial allegations” of election fraud before it has occurred.

If Federal Prosecutors had carried out Barr’s directive they would have opened up the Justice Department to lawsuits for unlawful search and seizure. Any evidence gathered could be thrown out of court on those grounds.

Of course William Barr knows this. So does the Justice Department’s own Election Crimes Branch. That office was responsible for election fraud cases and strictly forbade investigations of elections until the results were official.

Note that Barr’s memo also reads “in your jurisdictions”. Federal Prosecutors were to open their own investigations in offices all over the country – circumventing the Election Crimes Branch.

Richard Pilger, the office’s Director, resigned his post in protest just hours after Barr issued his directive.

There’s no question William Barr deliberately sabotaged the Federal investigation of the 2020 election.

But here is a question: Was Barr’s sabotage at odds with the Trump administration, or was it all a show?

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, made alot of noise and filed lawsuits all over the country. He also made a mockery of court proceedings and bungled several high-profile cases.

In opening statements for a case in Pennsylvania, Giuliani alleged “nationwide voter fraud”. When the perplexed judge questioned him for failing to argue his case, Giuliani admitted “this is not a fraud case”.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General said Giuliani’s courtroom antics were “sad to watch”.

Another Trump lawyer in Arizona told the judge “We are not alleging fraud in this lawsuit”. He also assured the court that his case only concerned “a limited number” of “good-faith errors in operating machines”.

In total, Trump’s legal team lost 59 election fraud cases with only a single victory – And that was a marginal case affecting a small number of ballots.

Their performance can only be described as deliberately incompetent.

So here’s another question: Are we supposed to believe that Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lifelong friend, betrayed the President with his legal bungling? Or is he in on the show as well?

Investigators have found an elicit wireless modem embedded in a Dominion voting machine – that communicated with private servers during the election! The finding comes from a  lawsuit filed by a private citizen in Michigan.

The resulting audit of the machine also revealed an error rate of 68 percent due to “intentional errors in the system”. More litigation based on these findings will likely overturn election results in several Michigan counties.

In Arizona, a judge has ordered Maricopa County to recount of over two million votes, and audit voting machines used in the election.

A team of lawyers in Denver has filed the biggest class-action lawsuit in history, accusing Dominion Voting Systems of violating voter’s civil rights.

Private citizens have found evidence of election fraud and they’re pursuing justice in the courts. Yet Team trump, with all their resources, can’t seem to build a case. And the Justice Department hasn’t even tried.

There is simply no excuse for the complete failure of our Justice System. And no other explanation but to assume that all the players were in on the deception.

President Trump was not sucker-punched by William Barr. Nor was he betrayed by Rudy Giuliani or any of the other players in this election charade.

It was all a show.

And the show’s over. All these private lawsuits and court-ordered vote recounts will soon prove that the 2020 election was fraudulent.

It may happen next week when the results of the audit in Arizona become public, or the litigation in Michigan and Georgia will expose more malfeasance.

What will happen then? Will Joe Biden step down? Will Trump reappear posing as our savior?

Understand, no one is being prosecuted. No one is going to jail for election fraud. Citizens are spending their own money and hiring private attorneys to do the job our FBI and Federal Prosecutors should be doing.

We’re not getting Justice for this massive crime. No matter what happens next, we’re not getting our country back. The Old Republic is gone.