Officer Sicknick Was (((Probably))) Murdered

We’re being lied to about the death of Officer Sicknick.

According to the official Capitol Police report, Officer Sicknick was “injured while physically engaging with protesters. He returned to his division office and collapsed. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.”

Now the story has changed. Officer Sicknick suffered no blunt force trauma of any kind. He was sprayed with tear-gas during the riots, was fine afterwards, then suffered two strokes and died.

Why did the media claim Officer Sicknick was killed by pro-Trump rioters wielding a fire extinguisher?

Why did Federal Prosecutors open a murder investigation into the death of Officer Brian Sicknick?

Why did his family state that they received texts from him after the riots and that he was in “good spirits”?

Why did the D.C. Medical Examiner take over three months to determine that Officer Sicknick died naturally of two strokes the day after the riots?

Jake Angeli talking to Capitol Police – in the Capitol!

The attack on our Capitol was a false flag, a staged event.

The infamous viking who stormed the Capitol is Jake Angeli, an actor who wore the same costume at a BLM rally.

Another so-called Trump supporter worked for CNN and Antifa. He recorded the shooting of Ashley Babbitt – which was a hoax.

No one was shot, no one was beaten to death or crushed by a mob during the riots.

Three civilians died at the Capitol on January 6th; two died of ‘natural causes’, one woman died of a drug overdose. Two Police Officers committed suicide days later. All five deaths are suspicious.

Roseanne Boyland reportedly died after being ‘trampled in the Rotunda’ or ‘crushed’ by the mob. Her official cause of death was later listed as “acute amphetamine intoxication”.

She allegedly overdosed on methamphetamine, even though she’d been in recovery for years, was seen marching with friends carrying a Gadsten Flag, and uploaded tweets throughout the day.

Kevin Greeson suffered a fatal heart attack at the Capitol. Initial reports claimed he had accidentally tasered himself, causing his cardiac arrest. These reports were untrue.

Ben Phillips died of a stroke. He had organized a bus for Trump supporters and even had his own website. Of note, all three civilian casualties were politically active and popular on social media.

Capitol Police officer Howard Liebengood inexplicably killed himself on January 9th. He was a fifteen year veteran of the force, whose father had served as the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms.

DC Metropolitan Police Officer Jeffrey Smith committed suicide on the 15th. In the thick of the riots, he sent his wife a cryptic text, “London has Fallen”. He allegedly shot himself while driving his Ford Mustang down a highway.

Roseanne Boyland – not high on meth.

Whoever staged the riots had to have control of the Capitol Police – their cooperation, or at least their grudging compliance.

Capitol Police Officers were seen standing by passively while protesters removed barricades, even ushering protesters into the Capitol.

They must have been ordered, or at least made to understand, that people would be entering The Capitol Building.

What if some officers refused to play along with the charade, refused to be coerced? What if they threatened to tell the public about the deception?

What if protesters in the crowd noticed the crisis actors posing as rioters?

What if they were ready to inform the public through their social media channels?

I think Officer Sicknick, and the other casualties at the Capitol on January 6th, were murdered.

If the Capitol riots are a false flag, (they are), then the perpetrators of this hoax would have to ensure that the Truth did not come out. When we look at the suspicious deaths in this light, they make sense.

How could Roseanne’s death by drug overdose be confused with being ‘crushed by the mob’?

Kevin Greeson tasered himself – then he didn’t taser himself. He and Kevin Phillips just… dropped dead from a heart attack and stroke.

Who shoots themselves while driving their car down a highway? What if someone drove past him and shot him, and his car went over an embankment? (It did.) Finding an errant bullet in the shattered glass and wreckage would be nearly impossible. That explains Officer Smith’s ‘suicide’.

The media lied about Officer Sicknick being bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher for a month.

They did this knowing full well that Federal Prosecutors had already opened a murder investigation into his death.

According to this article dated January 8th;

“The death is being investigated by the DC Metropolitan Police Department’s homicide branch, the US Capitol Police and their federal partners.”

This was no mistake, it’s a cover-up.

Some pundits claim the media wanted to make Officer Sicknick a martyr and use his death to vilify Trump supporters. That they certainly did. But that’s not why they lied about his death.

The reason for the lies are much darker. Officer Sicknick was murdered because he had integrity and courage. He was not going to allow this false flag to stand. He was going to tell the Truth.

It cost him his life.

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