How Many Jews were at the Capitol Riots?

The two men arrested for assaulting Officer Brian Sicknick are probably jews. Julian Elie Khater was arrested at Newark International Airport on a return flight from Tel Aviv. He had fled to izrael after the Capitol riots on January 6th.

The other man, George Pierre Tanios, was identified to the FBI by a former business partner who is suing Tanios for embezzling $435,000 from their former business.

Both men grew up together in New Brunswick, a jewish community outside of Philadelphia. They both owned sandwich shops which were definitely shady, and may not be legitimate businesses.

Mainstream media sources have made no mention of Khater’s flight to izrael, and claimed both men are Lebanese. But Khater and Tanios are not Lebanese names. ‘Elie’ in particular is an exclusively jewish spelling of that name.

George Tanios at left, Julian Khater, right

The two men are accused of assaulting Officer Sicknick with a dangerous weapon – chemical spray, but they are not charged with his murder.

Why is the media covering for these two jews? How many jews were involved in the Capitol riots?

And more importantly, why were jews participating in this so-called right-wing protest?

Needless to say, this information is hard to come by. The jewish media is not keen to expose their hand in these riots. However, a deep search of jewish publications reveals the Truth.

This article in Jewish News, a publication written by jews, for jews, spells it out:

“The appearance of neo-Nazis and religious Jews under the same banner demands researchers to reassess… antisemitism and the extent to which far-right groups may choose to accommodate and work with Jewish extremists in order to achieve common goals.”

This article admits, in black and white, that jews worked with far-right groups during the riots.

Why would jews involve themselves in the Capitol riots and rub elbows with ‘white nationalists’, even anti-semites? Because the riots were staged for the purpose of inflaming the country against these white nationalist groups.

I didn’t hear about the “buses full of Orthodox Jews” at the Capitol I until I read this article in The Daily Beast.

Here’s a quote:

“buses full of Orthodox Jews from New York—including Aaron Mostofsky, the young man in the animal pelt costume… join the neo-Nazis, QAnon conspiracists, and white nationalists”. 

The article is basically trash, an attempt to explain why this jew was at the Capitol, and to convince readers that only a few hard-core jews were in attendance.

But Aaron Mostofsky wasn’t just wandering around aimlessly. In the picture at right, he can be seen with the infamous ‘Viking’. That’s Jake Angeli, an actor who wore the same costume to a BLM rally.

To the left of Angeli, with the facemask and glasses, is Matthew Heimbach. He helped organize the Charlottesville riots, which were another hoax. And he is probably a jew.

Angeli and Heimbach were there to put on a show. So was Aaron Mostofsky.

Unfortunately for Aaron, he’s the son of Shlomo Mostofsky, a prominent New York jewish judge. His relationship with his father proved he was a jew. As far as the mainstream media is concerned, he was the only jew at the riots.

This article in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency suggests otherwise. It mentions:

“Specially chartered buses from Orthodox Jewish communities, some of which were organized in special WhatsApp groups. One person who attended the rally said there were at least eight buses to Washington”.

Elliot Resnick, Editor-in-Chief of The Jewish Weekly, was also at the riots, and he also entered the Capitol. Entering “Elliot Resnick capitol” into a search bar reveals something very telling.

Politico is the only non-jewish news site that admits Resnick was in the Capitol. There are plenty of jewish news reports from The Jerusalum Post, The Times of Israel, Haaretz, ect. But there’s nothing from CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News.

How many jews participated in the Capitol riots, and what was their role? We don’t know because the jewish media won’t tell us.

We do know that the ‘right-wing extremists’ who entered the Capitol were paid actors. Were they working with jews to achieve a ‘common goal’?

Once again the jews have pulled a false flag and plunged this Country into chaos. And once again, they’ve used their control over the media to cover up their deception.



I have screencapped excerpts from the Jewish News article cited above in case they get ‘edited’.