Black Lives Madder

What really happened to George Floyd? He did not die at the hands of, (or rather at the knee of), Derek Chauvin. Some people think it was all a hoax and that his death was fake. Others think he did in fact die of a fentanyl overdose.

The videos posted below reveal that parts of the arrest and alleged death of George Floyd were staged. There are at least two versions of Derek Chauvin. There are different takes of the arrest scene where Floyd allegedly died.

One crisis actor is an inside joke. “Waynel Sexton”, is an anagram for ‘aynel sex’. And why did the media fail to mention that George Floyd is a porn actor from Houston?

In all the confusion about George Floyd’s death and the trial of Derek Chauvin, one thing is clear: This despicable hoax was foisted on us to divide us and tear this country apart.

Blacks are inflamed by the death of one of their own. There are calls to defund Police Departments even after riots have swept the Country.

Whites are outraged over Derek Chauvin’s murder conviction. How could it be murder when Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose?

We’re supposed to be mad. Get it?

We’ve forgotten about Gislaine Maxwell, the grotesque scandal of children and pornography on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

This Country is a nervous wreck after the sketchy Presidential election and Covid-19. Rather than unite, we are at each other over race, ‘wokeness’, white privilege, and other nonsense.

We’ve been played again.

In this first video we see that George Floyd is a porn actor. It’s obviously him, he gives his name as “Big Floyd the Landlord”, then states he’s from Houston.

I posted this video because it does not show any sexual scenes. If you don’t believe he actually has sex with the woman he’s introduced to, just search for videos on any platform but Youtube…

I’ve watched hours of video analysis, covering all aspects of the George  Floyd hoax. The video below is the best at presenting all the discrepancies, double takes, and crisis actors involved. If you’re going to watch one video about George Floyd – watch this one.

This video is a very informative, high quality production. It shows pallets of bricks being stacked before BLM riots begin. Agents in crowds of peaceful protesters inciting violence and vandalism. And leaves no doubt that the George Floyd riots were planned in advance.

This next video reveals another important connection: Michael Hayden, the infamous jewish actor/pathologist, conducted the second autopsy on George floyd.

Hayden ‘observed’ Jeffery Epstein’s autopsy, and he was involved with the autopsies of president Kennedy and Martin Luther King. When Michael Hayden appears, there is a cover-up.

Finally, we come to this strange video. The Daily Mail released this video claiming it came to them from a secret source they will not disclose. And it was released months after Floyd’s death after most of the media attention had faded.

This is the body cam of the officers who initially removed George Floyd from his vehicle and handcuffed him. Floyd is obviously very high. He is too agitated to stay in the police car and wrestles his way out.

The video ends just as he’s restrained on the ground. Whatever really happened to George Floyd is on that video. So why did they cut it..?