Cybercrime: The New Fear-Porn

Remember that Solarwinds hack last December? Remember how the Government blamed the Russians – again? Well, it turns out the hackers were working from within the United States.

So, why haven’t these ‘Russian’ hackers been arrested?

Why haven’t the FBI, NSA, or the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, (CISA) identified anyone responsible? In fact, none of these alphabet agencies even detected the cyberattack.

If it wasn’t for FireEye, a private cybersecurity company, the hack would have gone unnoticed and the perpetrators would still be accessing data…

The Solarwinds hack was huge, affecting nine Federal Agencies and over 100 private companies. Microsoft’s President called it “the largest and most sophisticated attack the world has ever seen” and the work of “at least 1,000 very skilled, very capable engineers”.

All the people it took to carry this out, and we’re supposed to believe there’s no trail of evidence that could lead to the perpetrators. The truth is, investigators know exactly where to look.

The hackers used Amazon cloud servers.

According to Joe Slowik, a senior researcher with the online security firm DomainTools LLC:

“Amazon is sitting on some very valuable data… financial information on how its services were paid for, network traffic data showing who the SolarWinds hackers interacted with on the internet”.

Here’s the official statement from Amazon Web Services: “When we learned of this event, we immediately investigated, ensured we weren’t affected, and shared what we learned with law enforcement.”

Notice anything strange about that statement? Amazon did their own internal investigation, then told the Feds what happened. Why would Federal investigators take Amazon at their word?

Why haven’t they issued warrants and subpoenas – searched Amazon’s servers? Maybe… because the former head of CISA and Facebook’s former head of security work for Solarwinds!

Chris Krebs was head of CISA when the Solarwinds hack was exposed. He also oversaw the 2020 election, (and we all know how that went). Alex Stamos was Facebook’s minister of propaganda.

Does anyone else find it suspicious that they both went to work for Solarwinds in January – after the hack was made public?

The Feds could find out who’s behind the Solarwinds hack at any time. All they have to do is get a warrant and search Amazon’s servers.

So why don’t they?

Because the Solarwinds hack was an inside job. The crime syndicate that controls this country was behind it. Now that they’re caught, it’s a cover-up.

The cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline is another inside job. The alleged perpetrator is Darkside, a ransomware company that appeared online last year. Once again, they’re probably Russians.

Darkside sent a message to Colonial Pipeline warning them that their systems were corrupted. This forced the company to shut down gas shipments to most of the Southeastern United States.

Darkside demanded a ransom of 75 Bitcoin, (nearly four million dollars), which Colonial paid. Once the ransom was paid the hackers provided Colonial with a decrypting tool to restore their computer systems.

Then Darkside wiped their own servers and just… disappeared. Our Federal agencies have not identified any suspects or issued any search warrants. CISA can’t even confirm that a ransom payment has been made.

We know hackers did not shut down the Colonial Pipeline. These three quotes from an article in The Wall Street Journal make that very clear:

The company has stressed that operational systems weren’t directly impacted, and that it shut down pipeline flows while it investigated how deeply the hackers had gotten inside.”

It took Colonial about an hour to shut the conduit“.

“As Colonial shut the pipeline, employees were instructed not to log in”.

Colonial Pipeline has not revealed how the hackers accessed their systems. According to their own statements, the decrypting tool was “so slow” that the company used their standard procedures to re-start the pipeline.

All we know, is that Colonial shut off their own pipeline and then re-started it.

Finally, we have another hack. This time the target was the Washington D.C. Police Department. And we have another shadowy ransomware company, the Babuk Group. (Yes, they’re Russian).

The story this time: Babuk launched a ransomware attack and the D.C. Police Department refused to pay the ransom. So Babuk released a trove of sensitive files “that include feeds from other agencies, including the FBI and Secret Service”.

Think People. How convenient this hack is. Most of the Capitol rioters from January 6th are being held in D.C. Metropolitan jails. Who would want to know the status of those investigations?

If several Deep State actors were charged with insurrection, the Capital riots would finally be exposed as an inside job.

That would be very bad for the criminals running this Country. Lucky for them the Babuk group hacked the D.C. Police…

Thanks to this hack, defense attorneys know what their defendants are charged with, what evidence the Feds have, and who is cooperating with Prosecutors.

What are the odds some group of Russians would decide to hack and blackmail the D.C. Police Department while these cases are pending? And that the Department would refuse to pay – irregardless of the sensitive information involved?

The crime syndicate that controls this country is behind all these cybercrimes.

Solarwinds is a ‘Deep State’ front company. That’s how they managed to hire Krebs and Stamos. The software they sold the Federal Government had the hack installed in an automatic update. They should be the prime suspects.

CISA is in ridiculous position: They are prevented from accessing Amazon servers. They have resorted to using Signal, an encrypted phone app, because the hackers are reading their e-mails. And their former boss now works for Solarwinds!

They are tasked with investigating the Colonial Pipeline hack, knowing there’s no evidence any crime was committed. It’s just stories in the jewish media – with the accompanying panic over fuel shortages.

That’s exactly what this fake event was designed to do: Make the public afraid. There have been a rash of cybercrimes recently, we can assume they are staged.

The World Economic Forum sponsored ‘event 201‘, the dress rehearsal for the Covid-19 plandemic. Next month they are co-hosting ‘Cyber Polygon‘, a simulated cyberattack on a global scale.

Cybercrime is the new fear-porn. The Covid-19 plandemic has flopped and the global criminals need a new bogeyman. Expect more cybercrime in the near future, and more media lies.